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Welcome to the South Hub, based at Avonbourne Academies in Bournemouth, part of the National United Learning Academy Trust. 

The role at the South Hub is to provide quality teaching of Direct Instruction (DI) to the selected students in our school, who are enrolled onto the programmes. The Hub also provides first class training and provision for schools wishing to implement Direct Instruction and offer a range of packages. Once schools are set up, the Hub continues to support them on their DI journey.

The Hub work closely with Kurt Engelmann and the NIFDI team in the United States in ensuring that what they deliver in the UK is of the highest quality and they are up to date with the latest practices.

Their journey began like so many others, being asked to teach something that was completely new. After their own training and reading around Siegfried Engelmann and his ‘Follow Through’ project, they embraced DI but still with an open mind. They were blown away by the positive impact DI had on their lowest attaining students. They share the passion Engelmann shows in helping the most disadvantaged children. More so, than the 40 plus years of extensively researched scientific evidence and comprehensive trials that have led the Hub to the complete packages they deliver today and to close the gaps between the disadvantaged children and the advantaged children in our societies.


Direct Instruction is a teaching method extensively tested and proven to turn all students into confident learners. Siegfried Engelmann, creator of Direct Instruction believed, and has proved that correctly applied DI can improve academic performance as well as behaviour. Direct Instruction gives schools a clear path to achieving and even surpassing Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).​



The Direct Instruction method is based on two core principles:

1. All students can learn when taught correctly, regardless

of past history and background.

2. All teachers can be successful, given effective teaching materials and presentation techniques. Every aspect of a Direct Instruction program is designed, tested, and proven to fulfil these essential principles.​

Lessons are:

• Explicit, with purposeful instruction designed to develop skilled and confident learners.

• Intensive, allowing teachers to cover more than a year’s worth of material in a single year.

• Consistent, allowing students to focus on the material they are learning.

• Interactive, with quick pacing and group responses that keep all students engaged to tackle new challenges.

Meet the Team

Kevin Surrey DI South Hun UK



Director of Direct Instruction (Maths)


Kevin is Director of Direct Instruction for Maths for the United Learning Trust overseeing fifty-five schools in the UL chain as well as offering ongoing support to trusts and schools across the UK. ​


Kevin specialises in KS3 Maths.

Kevin started his teaching career in primary school education in the London Borough of Newham and went into secondary education when he moved to Dorset. He remembers how tough life was in Inner City London during the early 80's where he grew up. It was his own schooling experience and subsequent life experiences that has driven his passion to help disadvantaged children achieve throughout his teaching career. Closing the gaps between the disadvantaged and the more advantaged children is what still drives him on and a pursuit of equality in education remains his aim. 

Kevin started his DI journey in 2017 and is experienced in teaching and coaching all the Corrective Maths and Reading programmes and Connecting Maths Concepts.

Kevin has a love of History that he enjoys reading in his own time as well as playing bowls at a competitive level.

Twitter: @surrey_kevin

Suzy Cudapas DI South Hub UK



Director of Direct Instruction (English)

Suzy is Director of Direct Instruction for English for the United Learning Trust overseeing fifty-five schools in the UL chain as well as offering ongoing support to trusts and schools across the UK.

Suzy specialises in KS3 English and KS4 Media Studies.

Suzy grew up in a warm strict household and it was her own life experiences growing up in Lambeth, South London that has driven her to want to help children see the value of education and to help students achieve success.

Suzy graduated with honours in 2002 and soon after, moved to the South Coast of England. Her teaching journey started at Glenmoor & Winton Academy in Bournemouth and she later joined Magna Academy in Poole in 2012.

Suzy was introduced to Engelmann's Direction Instruction in 2017 and is now experienced in teaching and coaching all the Corrective Reading and Corrective Maths programmes and Connecting Maths Concepts. 

Suzy is an advocate of Direct Instruction, T&L and whole school improvement and works closely with well-known leaders and educators in the UK. 

Suzy enjoys family time and cooking. 

Twitter: @suzycudapas


We like many, were not really aware of what the programme was or how it even worked. However, after taking our basic training and researching Siegfried Engelmann and his work we were hooked. We started to deliver Direct Instruction to our classes and immediately saw the impact of the programme on our more disadvantaged children and were blown away by the engagement and enthusiasm all the children exhibited. Not only did they show massive progress in attainment but their behaviour improved and their attitudes towards learning became much more positive.

We continued to read and watch the inspiring interviews with Siegfried Engelmann and were drawn to his overwhelming passion towards helping children succeed. We have always maintained a passion ourselves for closing the gap between disadvantaged children and the more advantaged children in our society, both growing up in working class families in London. We truly believe that Direct Instruction is the answer to us delivering this monumental task that our schools face. What has become more apparent to us through our journey, is that Direct Instruction is not just for those with gaps in their learning but is a great all round programme irrespective of your level of ability.

We have had comprehensive coaching from the National Institute of Direct Instruction (NIFDI) in becoming accredited trainers as we felt that this was the best way to endorse  Direct Instruction and give support to as many children as we could in the number of schools we have visited and through the wonderful staff that we have met. We work closely with Kurt Engelmann and the NIFDI team in the United States weekly in ensuring that what we deliver in the UK is of the highest quality and we are up to date with the latest practices.

With the continued support of Richard Tutt and Michelle Dyer, our vision has now come to fruition. In January 2020, we opened the United Learning Direct Instruction South Hub at Avonbourne Academies in Bournemouth. We are pleased to now say we oversee fifty-five schools in the United Learning chain that have implemented Direct Instruction and have trained two other large academy chains in the UK as well as training and offering ongoing support to many other UK schools outside of the United Learning Trust.

Our primary role now is to provide first class training to staff in schools wishing to implement the Direct Instruction programmes. We also offer a range of support packages, so staff are always able to receive further quality assurance on all aspects of Direct Instruction they have implemented. We feel very honoured to be in this position to continue the work in endorsing what Siegfried Engelmann started over 50 Years ago and that our colleagues in the US at the National Institute of Direct Instruction (NIFDI) continue to promote.  ​

Please click here for the case study.


We can tailor training to fit your requirements in terms of content, depending on the length of time you require the coach to deliver the implementation sessions to your staff. Both the Maths and English programme set up take approximately the same amount of time.​

Our experienced coaches are able to support you through every step of implementation as well as offer post training support. 


We offer a free telephone / web call in the first instance.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us at


Training will include preliminary consultation and a series guide will be provided.

Standard package 2 days = £1,500 for 2 staff (plus £200.00 per extra person) ​

*This price includes a free subject Series Guide worth £40 each, training resources and data trackers and expenses.

**First year of implementation- FREE consultations and follow-up starting from the initial training.

***Times can be subject to change depending on the school day.

All Direct Instruction programmes are purchased separately through McGraw Hill.


The training includes: 

Day 1

Morning- Introduction to Direct Instruction.

Mid-Morning- 'What a DI classroom should look like?' 

Afternoon- Explanation of the placement testing and testing the students. Marking the tests ready for Day 2.

Day 2

Morning- Use the data from the previous day testing to make comparative judgements on the students and packages available.

Mid Morning- Lesson delivery practice including The 7 Steps of Error Correction.

Afternoon- Go through the data recording and assessments that take place throughout the programme and Q&As.

*These times are subject depending on placement testing of students.


The DI South Hub are experienced preparing and delivering large group training sessions.

Training a whole staff, or staff from groups of schools across one trust is an effective way to

deliver staff CPD. 

0.5 Day - £350 + expenses

1.5 Hours - £200 + expenses

* Prices may vary depending on the number of participants and location. 


£300 plus expenses- 1 Day Visit 

Involves quality assurance, administration, next steps and guidance and advice.

First year of implementation- FREE consultations and follow-up starting from the initial training.

Thereafter, the option of:

£600 per year subscription. 

This includes telephone and web call consultations and 1 visit (traveling expenses are not included in this subscription).


£80 per one-off call.

For further information please visit our website:


Any lessons that you observe are free.

If you would like to visit the Hub, please email

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